...Save Money

The League has a slew of new Business Partners, solutions, and programs that help save you money, including affordable healthcare options, telecommunications solutions, discounted services related to design, build, and marketing initiatives, and more.


Affordable Healthcare Options 
Through the Plexcity healthcare pool, which consists of enough insured people to offer savings to NJCUL member credit unions, the League has been able to help credit unions save with this members-only benefit that brings economies of scale to your healthcare cost.

The program helped one credit union with less than $25 million in assets and four employees save $21,000 a year on their healthcare costs!


  • Health - seven plans as low as $500 deductible (and health savings accounts)
  • Dental - $2,000 annual benefit maximum
  • Vision - examinations and lenses/contact lenses every 12 months, frames every 24 months
  • Life insurance - two times the annual salary with a maximum of $400K
  • Long term disability - 66.67% of monthly salary (maximum of $7,500)
  • Accident, cancer, and critical illness coverage available

Also Includes HR/Payroll Management Systems

  • Online HR system that manages time cards and employee information
  • Payroll processing/reporting, termination assistance, Quarterly 941 and Annual 940 reports, DOL interface, Section 125 testing, COBRA admin, FSA/HSA management, garnishment processing, unemployment claims management, and more


Telecommunication Solutions
Determine if your credit union is overpaying for its data and voice lines with a solution that can also provide you a one-stop shop for your telecommunication needs.


Discounted Solutions


Free Marketing Materials for Small Credit Unions
Credit unions under $25 million are provided with high-quality marketing materials (including a Facebook graphic, flyer, Web banner, statement insert, and poster) each quarter at no cost. NJCUL Business Partner Your Marketing Company designs the materials that advertise seasonal loan campaigns. Credit unions can use these ads in their own marketing efforts.


Careers Listings on the NJCUL Site
Member credit unions can list their job openings on the League’s Careers page at no cost. The Careers page is the second-most visited page of the League’s site (just behind the home page) and many credit unions have found qualified candidates to fill positions through these listings.