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The NJ Credit Union PLAN is responsible for providing valuable guidance to and support of the NJCUL's public policy agenda. 

NJ Credit Union PLAN membership is open to interested credit union professionals, volunteers, and members willing to commit to actively support the public policy agenda of credit unions by participating in political, governmental, and legislative advocacy.


Project Zip Code

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a secure program that counts your credit union members and matches them by congressional district, state legislative district and county. These numbers are uploaded to CUNA's Project Zip Code website and combined with data from credit unions nationwide. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts, and is useful to credit unions interested in ATM expansion or shared branching.

Your information is completely secure with Project Zip Code. In fact, only the number of credit union members is transmitted to the Project Zip Code national database. Specific member data cannot be viewed by anyone outside your organization. The master census that results from credit unions running PZC helps demonstrate the strength of credit union membership across the nation.

Project Zip Code is compliant with the privacy laws created in Gramm Leach Bliley.

To view Project Zip Code totals for your credit union, state or league and to design your own Project Zip Code reports, please visit the PZC Web site.



The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) is a federal political action committee or PAC. It's a nationwide partnership of Credit Union National Association (CUNA), state leagues and affiliated credit unions.

CULAC provides an opportunity for individuals interested in the future of the credit union movement to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for federal office who have demonstrated sensitivity to credit union values, principles and positions.

Pooling voluntary contributions through CULAC enables the credit union movement to maximize its voice in the electoral process and helps ensure an environment in which credit unions can better serve their members.

Individuals who are associated with an NJCUL member credit union that has signed a participation agreement are eligible to participate in CULAC.

All contributions to CULAC must be made with personal funds, are strictly voluntary and are not tax deductible or reimbursable by a credit union. Individuals will neither be rewarded nor penalized for their decision whether or not to contribute. CULAC is prohibited by law from accepting contributions made with credit union or corporate funds. 


NJ CU Advisory Council

The Credit Union Advisory Council was created by an act of the New Jersey State Legislature. The purpose, definition, and powers of the Credit Union Advisory Council are detailed in the statute which created the council (17:13-124).

The Council was created to consult with, advise, and make recommendations to the commissioner of the Department of Banking & Insurance on matters pertaining to the chartering, operations, and supervision of credit unions. The Council establishes its own procedures and practices with regular meetings held at times and places determined by the chairman, the commissioner, or a majority of the council members. Council expenses are borne by the credit unions.

The Credit Union Advisory Council is comprised of seven persons, appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the New Jersey Senate. Appointees must be a member of a credit union. Three of the five members must have a minimum of three years' experience as a credit union officer, director, or other management level position, and two members must be from federally chartered credit unions. 

Appointments are for a term of five years. Members serve without compensation and Council expenses are borne by the credit unions.

Council members are Chairman John C. Gibardi (state chartered credit union member), Andrew Jaeger (CUNJ), and Bonnie C. Karczewski (NJ Law & Public Safety CU).

The New Jersey Credit Union Advisory Council meets quarterly. Meetings are usually held in March, June, September and December at the New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance located at 20 West State Street, Trenton, New Jersey. While meetings are not subject to the Open Public Meetings Act, the public is invited to attend and may address the Council at its discretion. The official meeting schedule is available on the New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance Web site.