Comment Letter Writing

Writing an effective comment letter is a critical part of your advocacy efforts. NJCUL encourages credit unions to submit comment letters on proposed regulations because you have a right to have your ‘voice’ heard. Telling the credit union’s and your members’ ‘story’ of how new or proposed regulations will impact you, positively and/or negatively, is the best way to tell your regulator, or the proposing agency, in terms they can use to come to a thoughtful decision when adjusting or finalizing a rule.

For tips on writing an effective, impactful comment letter, watch this video from NCUA. NJCUL works continuously to effectively advocate on your behalf and work to remove the regulatory barriers that impede your ability to serve your members. Have questions? Need guidance on interpreting proposed regulations? Need help putting your thoughts on paper? You can always contact NJCUL’s Vice President of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Nicola Foggie, at Thank you for being an important part of our advocacy efforts.

Upcoming Proposed Rulemaking:


Date Agency
2017 Regulatory Review 08/14/2017 NCUA
NCUA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Re: Appeals Process 08/07/2017 NCUA
NCUA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Re: Supervisory Review Committee; Procedures for Appealing Material Supervisory Determinations 08/07/2017 NCUA
NCUA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Re: Bylaws; Bank Conversions and Mergers; and Voluntary Mergers of Federally Insured Credit Unions 08/07/2017 NCUA
Availability of Funds and Collection of Checks (Reg CC) 08/01/2017 Fed
CFPB’s Request for Information Regarding the Small Business Lending Market 07/14/2017 CFPB
CFPB’s Notice of Assessment of 2013 RESPA Servicing Rule and Request for Public Comment 07/10/2017 CFPB
CFPB’s Technical Corrections and Amendments to the Home Mortgage Disclosure (Regulation C) October 2015 Final Rule 05/25/2017 CFPB
Consumer Access to Financial Records 02/21/2017 CFPB
Letter to NCUA Chairman Metsger on CFPB Small Dollar Rule 09/30/2016 NCUA