Below are available job postings within the credit union system.

If you would like to post a job on this site, please e-mail Mary Zelinsky at Be sure to include the following: job title, overview of job/responsibilities, education and experience requirements, emails, phone number and/or link to contact person/application.

The ad should be 250 words or less.

Members: The New Jersey Credit Union League will leave all postings for member credit unions on our site for 90 days (3 months) free of charge. Before the 90 day period is up, you have the option to request re-posting. After that, all postings will automatically be removed from our site. Once we remove a posting after the 90 day period and you decide to re-post after the removal, you are responsible for processing the material again. Please let us know if the position has been filled before the end of the three-month period and we will remove the posting.

Non-Members: New Jersey credit unions not affiliated with the New Jersey Credit Union League can have their job opening posted to the League Web site for a fee of $75 per month. The job posting will automatically expire after the timeframe that was paid for. Please follow the guidelines listed above.

The New Jersey Credit Union League bears no responsibility for the availability of positions posted nor does it play any role in the hiring of these positions (unless the position is with the League). Applicants are advised to contact the credit union directly. 

Accounting Manager

Princeton Federal Credit Union is seeking an Accounting Manager

Collection Officer

Newark Board of Education Employees Credit Union is seeking a Collection Officer

Accounting Clerk

Credit Union of New Jersey is seeking an Accounting Clerk

Account Manager

Atlantic Federal Credit Union is seeking an Account Manager 

Director of Marketing

Tidemark Federal Credit Union located in Seaford, DE is seeking a Director of Marketing


Credit Union of New Jersey is seeking a highly motivated Teller

Chief Executive Officer

FD Community Federal Credit Union is seeking a Chief Executive Officer