Get the Most Out of Your Credit Union’s CPRs with NJCUL's Helpful Analysis Webinars in 2018

To help it member credit unions get the most out of this important and extensive data, the League is hosting a series of quarterly webinars beginning in 1Q 2018 led by Dr. Randy Thompson of TCT Risk Solutions.

Dates and Topics:

March 7, 2018: Industry & Peer Group Analysis: trends, peer group descriptions and ratios, growth trends and earnings

June 6, 2018: Earnings: Net income/ROAA, loans, and shares

September 5, 2018: Expenses & Capital: Operating expenses, fee and other income sources, capital analysis and liquidity trends

December 5, 2018: Overall Performance: Productivity measures, investment performance, along with net interest margin overview and 5-year balance sheet analysis


  • Each webinar: $150 per webinar
  • Bundled package: $500 for the series of four (4) webinars
  • Private, 3-hour live webinar with your individual credit union to review your CPR: $250 per webinar
  • Up to 6-hour in-person financial review session at your credit union: $850 plus travel expenses
  • Group of up to four (4) small credit unions can combine to share costs (please inquire)

Webinars Sponsored and Led by Dr. Randy Thompson of 


Peer group benchmarking is a great management tool to highlight opportunities, whether for productivity improvements, greater leverage, and/or for growth. You all have the ability to access your own Call Report data – what is harder is to see how you compare with your peer groups on key performance parameters for growth and productivity. With enough time and enough resources you could do the analysis yourself – after all, Call Report data is available on the NCUA Web site. But who has the time to identify who should be in your peer group, download their Call Report data, crunch the numbers, and analyze the results? Recognizing the value of these analytics, and also the time constraint of doing the analyzing yourself, the League is working with the Massachusetts Share Insurance Corporation to provide each NJCUL member credit union a free quarterly report based on NCUA Call Report data that covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • National Industry Highlights
  • Peer Group Descriptions
  • Peer Group Ratios
  • Growth Trends and Earnings
  • Earnings-Net Income/ROAA
  • Loans
  • Shares
  • Expenses
  • Fee and Other Income
  • Capital Analysis
  • Productivity Measures
  • Spread Analysis
  • Five-year Financial Comparison

We looked at numerous vendors that provide similar analyses, but what made the MSIC reports stand out were two things – first, they are well-organized with easy-to-read graphs and charts, always a plus with the volume of data in each report. Second, each section has a set of questions that help guide you through understanding how the data should be used in analyzing your credit union. So even if the process of leveraging analytics in planning and assessment is not something you do on a regular basis, these reports focus on the key issues.