CUNA to Highlight CU Issues for Congressional Hearings

WASHINGTON – CUNA will submit letters for the record for at least three hearings on Capitol Hill this week, as both the House and Senate are in town for their last week before the spring district work session.

On Wednesday at 10 a.m., CFPB Director Richard Cordray will give his semi-annual testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

In its letter, CUNA will reiterate the need for tailored rulemakings from the bureau, as one-size-fits-all regulations are creating regulatory burdens that are affecting consumer access to credit.

Tailored rulemakings are among several goals for the CFPB with CUNA’s bipartisan, pro-consumer Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation.

Also on Wednesday, the Senate Banking subcommittee on economic policy will conduct a hearing titled "The Current State of Retirement Security in the United States" at 3 p.m.

CUNA will send a letter for the record of this hearing.

CUNA will also send a letter for the record for a House Financial Services subcommittee on financial institutions and consumer credit hearing titled "Examination of the Federal Financial Regulatory System and Opportunities for Reform."

The hearing will take place Thursday at 9 a.m.


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