Final #CommonSenseReg Video Released, Push On for “Shares”

WASHINGTON – CUNA released the final of 3 videos Tuesday designed to engage stakeholders and policymakers on social media regarding CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation. CUNA and its league partners urge credit unions to use the hashtag #CommonSenseReg when sharing the videos on social media.

“We urge stakeholders to make these videos resonate within the credit union movement among consumers by sharing, liking and commenting on them on your social networks while using the Campaign hashtag,” CUNA Chief Political Officer Richard Gose said about the videos. “We also encourage credit unions to include this in their member communications, urging your advocates to post the videos on their social networks.

The third video, titled “The Real Bureaucrats of D.C.” depicts the “Committee for Needless Financial Regulations” discussing ways to impose more regulations on credit unions. The so-called “crazy ideas” thrown about by the bureaucrats are actual proposals and regulations. 

The second video titled “Government let us down – is it too late to say sorry now?” was released last week and examines how the government continues to impose excessive rules and regulations on credit unions to collect more of members’ personal information. 

CUNA released the campaign’s first video “Get the government off your back” in late March, demonstrating one way that excessive regulation is hurting consumers.

CUNA’s Campaign for Common-Sense Regulation aims to reduce regulations on credit unions by compelling Congress to end one-size-fits-all regulations better suited for Wall Street than credit unions on Main Street.

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