N.J. Family Leave Act Increase Introduced

TRENTON, N.J. – Senate President Steve Sweeney has introduced legislation (S3085) that would expand the weekly amount and duration of New Jersey Family Leave Insurance (FLI).

Under the bill, family leave time would be expanded from six to 12 weeks and the weekly amount of benefits would increase from two-thirds of a worker's average weekly wage to 80% of that average weekly wage subject to a cap. The current cap, which is calculated at 53% of the statewide average weekly wage for all workers, is expected to remain.

The increases would go into effect on July 1, 2018. 

The cost of FLI benefit is funded exclusively by employee contributions so the bill will not increase contributions paid by employers. Because of changes in the method of calculating the rate of employee contributions and the ending of diversions from the temporary disability insurance (TDI) fund, it is estimated that, under this bill, the employee contribution rate for FLI, when added to the rate they pay for TDI, will not exceed the rate that employees paid for TDI alone before the FLI law was enacted in 2008.

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