Help Credit Unions for Kids Change a Child’s Life

It’s amazing what a little pocket change can do to help a child at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Credit unions locally and across the nation are participating in Change a Child’s Life, a coin drive benefiting their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.  

Participating is easy and won’t cost the credit union a dime – that could be one more coin to add to the free canister! Ask members if they have any loose change or if they would like to donate the extra coins when cashing a check. Don’t forget members who come through the drive-thru! They often have a stash of coins in a cup holder that they are happy to donate. 

This campaign runs through May 31, 2017. Every single penny helps! It’s hard to imagine that a cancer treatment for one child costs $75,000 on average. Can we gather enough change to make a difference? The answer is “yes!”  

How your credit union can get involved: 

Remember – 100% of the funds collected will be distributed to the CMN Hospital that supports your local community.  

Every penny raised provides care for all children, regardless of severity of illness, intensity of injury or a family’s ability to pay bills which can be exorbitant – even with excellent insurance coverage. Money raised also funds critical equipment, community outreach programs, and ground-breaking medical research. 

Together, we can change a child’s life in our community. 

A huge THANK YOU to CO-OP Financial Services for underwriting this campaign, making it FREE for all credit unions to participate!

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