Awareness initiative will ‘hammer home’ membership eligibility

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle introduced the “why” of the Creating Awareness Initiative Friday at the CUNA America’s Credit Union Conference.

During Saturday’s general session, attendees learned the “what.”

  • Digital: Cost effective, flexible, and can break through the clutter.
  • Highly targeted: Sophisticated knowledge about consumers.
  • Measurable: Know what’s working and what’s not in real time.

Consumers will see the message wherever they are: first thing in the morning, during their commute, weekday afternoon at work, and evening leisure.

In a later breakout session, Just Media’s Brian Kelleher compared the initiative’s hyper-targeted approach against that of banks’ “spray and pray” marketing with big dollars and brand equity.

The feedback loop of execution, evaluation, and optimization will capture what resonates with consumers, from A/B message testing to graphics and visual elements.

Additionally, more research is in the field to reveal which audiences are most receptive to the messaging on credit unions and how best to reach them.

To learn more about the “Open Your Eyes” campaign go to and use the password “openyoureyes” to access the messaging guide.

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