XCEL FCU CEO Linda McFadden Receives Credit Union Times Trailblazer Award for Outstanding Political Action

WASHINGTON – XCEL FCU President/CEO and NJCUL Board Member Linda McFadden recently received the Credit Union Times Trailblazer Award for Outstanding Political Action. McFadden accepted her award during the CU Times’ 2017 Trailblazer Award reception on Tuesday, February 28, at the Renaissance in Washington, DC, during CUNA's Governmental Affairs Conference.

Growing up in a suburb of our nation's capital, Linda McFadden couldn't escape politics, according to CU Times.

“You watch politics at a young age,” McFadden told CUTimes. “You can't grow up in D.C. and not be aware of politics. When the president changes, the whole neighborhood changes.”

CU Times Executive Editor Michael Ogden poses with XCEL FCU President/CEO Linda McFadden who accepted the award for Outstanding Political Action. (Photo courtesy of CUTimes.)

And so, it only would be natural that when McFadden became the CEO of XCEL in 2006, she would bring that political awareness — and a confidence that she could effect change — to her work in the credit union industry.

“I like seeing where we can make a difference,” she said, having just completed her tenure as chairman of the New Jersey Credit Union League—a role she occupied for three years.

McFadden joined XCEL in January 2001, just months before its headquarters at the World Trade Center was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. As vice president for operations at XCEL, she played a major role in disaster recovery following the attacks.

Now, the credit union, which has almost $182 million in assets, calls Bloomfield, N.J., its home.

And when she became XCEL's CEO in 2006, she ensured that XCEL would play a major role in the New Jersey Credit Union League and political action btoh on the state and federal level.

XCEL is a participant in CUNA's Member Activation Program, which encourages credit union members to voice their opinions on legislation beneficial to the credit union industry.

She encourages senior management to write letters to legislators about issues of importance.

And XCEL participates in political activities through both credit union trade organizations — CUNA and NAFCU, as well as the state league.

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