VantageScore: Updates in Calculation Methods
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  • Pay Down Debt ASAP - Scores will be rewarded by paying down debts faster.  Traditionally, members’ scores wouldn’t be affected as long as they were making the minimum payments.  
  • viagra 100mg online in india Utilization Ratio - The current system factors in a member’s utilization.  When a member would make a large purchase, they may have seen a temporary decrease to their score.  However, since the new system factors in history, so that may not be affected as much as it was previously.
  • Average Age of Accounts – In the new system, members should be encouraged to close unused credit cards as having high credit limits could affect the score because the member would have the ability to rack up debt quickly.
  • generic viagra soft 100mg Medical Collections – In the new system, medical collections that are less than six months old will be ignored to allow for more time for insurance payment processing.  In addition, medical collections will be distinguished to not penalize the member as much as other types of collections.