...Master Compliance and Risk Management

In today’s regulatory environment the risks associated with noncompliance are greater than ever.  NJCUL offers everything from shared compliance resources, to audits, and Supervisory Committee support and services, all top-quality and at rates well-below market as a benefit of membership.  Let us help you focus on growth, not compliance - contact us today for compliance and audit solutions that fit your needs...and your budget.


Compliance help and resources are at your fingers via web, Email, Telephone, as a benefit of membership! This service provides credit unions with easy access to connect with the League for assistance with securing compliance solutions, obtain answers to basic compliance questions, research, and interpretation of federal regulation, state and federal laws.


Low-cost, regulator-approved audit solutions that help CUs reduce risk and focus on organizational improvement in three key areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Control Systems
  • Governance Processes


Shared Compliance Program
Overwhelmed by compliance? The League’s Shared Compliance Program is an affordable alternative to help CUs reduce the cost of compliance and lower the risk of violations. Offering a dedicated compliance professional, the Shared Compliance Specialist will work with your credit union to provide guidance and support for your ongoing compliance needs; planning, training, research, regulatory exam preparation, compliance audit review, feedback….and much more!


Online Compliance solutions:

InfoSight is a benefit of League membership and CUs first stop when searching for compliance answers. InfoSight is an online compliance manual that provides CUs with up-to-date New Jersey-specific content that is accurate, concise and detailed on a wide range of topics and issues. Includes easy-to-read compliance summaries, checklists for compliance, direct links to laws and regulations, frequently asked questions, and links to additional important resources.


CU PolicyPro makes management of CU operations policies easier. A benefit of League membership, CU PolicyPro provides a secure, Web-based platform that hosts a library of over 200+ model policies. CUs can publish and maintain their own library of policies you can make readily accessible for review or editing to key stakeholders at your CU and on your board of directors.


Save time and money while meeting compliance needs. ComplySight is a Web-based compliance tracking, measuring, reporting tool that assists CUs in the organization and readiness to communicate and report the state of audits, set regulatory goals for the CU, and measure overall CU compliance.


Tell Us Your Exam Story
Your voice can be heard! Sharing your exam story with the League wiil empowers credit unions to have a voice in addressing regulatory examination topics and challenges, share real-world anecdotes about their exam experiences, insights and lessons learned.