...Build the New Jersey Credit Union Brand

The New Jersey Credit Union League’s statewide Banking You Can Trust consumer awareness campaign uses a number of mediums to raise awareness of credit unions across the state. It encompasses both traditional and digital advertising—including NJ Transit ads, cable commercials, radio ads and mentions, social media ads and more—as well as more grassroots initiatives that direct consumers to the BankingYouCanTrust.com Web site where visitors can find the New Jersey credit union that is right for them. Taking a fresh, new, more grassroots approach to advertising and marketing this past year, the League is using the stories of its credit unions to reach and connect with consumers. These stories and the New Jersey credit union brand are heard loud and clear over the NJ 101.5 airwaves, reaching 1 million listeners. The “Proud to Be Jersey” is a big credit union advocate and partner of the League. Consumers will also hear and see our statewide “crowdfund” campaign, which will drive loan applicants right to our credit unions.


Legacy, Leaders, Service Series
The League’s revamped brand awareness campaign, which was highlighted in CUNA's Credit Union Magazine, focuses on:

  • Telling compelling stories about the origins of New Jersey credit unions through the Legacy Series, which features origin stories on the League’s “Banking You Can Trust” blog;
  • Demonstrating how our leaders value their members and care about their financial well-being—unlike bank CEOs who just see dollar signs—through the Leaders Series, which features credit union leaders on the NJ 101.5 FM station in interviews with popular radio host Bill Spadea on personal finance topics; and
  • Highlighting credit union employees and volunteers who have spent a better part of their lives serving their communities through their credit union through the Service Series, which will feature long-time credit union people who have dedicated themselves to the industry for years


In its fresh, new approach to consumer awareness, the League’s upcoming “crowdfunding” campaign is a play on the popular crowdfunding concept, such as Go Fund Me fundraisers, touting credit unions as the original “crowdfunders”, which pool together funds from a supportive group to help fund someone’s dreams. Campaigns include “Crowdfund My Car Loan”, “Crowdfund My Credit Card”, and Crowdfund My Home Loan”, which will drive loan prospects directly to member credit unions. 

The campaign is based on what best describes what credit unions do...pool funds together to help each other. Which is crowdfunding. Edwards Filene invented crowdfunding back in 1908 and we've doing it ever since. Friends, neighbors, co-workers...they come together and form a credit union to fill a need. This concept resonates...especially with the younger generations. 

Instead of telling the story of the credit union difference first, this campaign pulls consumer in with what they want—car loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc.—using the “Crowdfund My Car Loan”, “Crowdfund My Credit Card”, and Crowdfund My Home Loan” ads. They will then be matched up with an eligible credit union to establish the relationship and the loan. 

With a new way to obtain members through the NJ CU Foundation, we plan to drive consumers directly to our member credit unions as hot leads for loans.


 NJ 101.5 FM Partnership

The “Proud to Be Jersey” station, which reaches over 1 million listeners, is a big credit union advocate and a partner of the League. We leverage this relationship to bring New Jersey credit unions and the credit union message to the airwaves and to the station’s digital platforms.

Popular radio host, and proud member of multiple credit unions, Bill Spadea, regularly touts credit unions as the smart choice when it comes to financial services. Our Leaders Series features credit union leaders on the NJ 101.5 FM station in interviews with Spadea on personal finance topics, demonstrating how our leaders value their members and care about their financial well-being—unlike bank CEOs who just see dollar signs. Consumers can call-in with questions or submit their questions online at BankingYouCanTrust.com to have them answered on-air. 



Youth Involvement Board Scholarship
Credit unions can take advantage of the opportunity to participate in a statewide, credit union-specific scholarship program for high school seniors. This builds the credit union brand throughout the state and gives member credit unions a chance to connect with young members and potential members. 


National Youth Involvement Board Representation
Liaison and delegate for National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) on a national level, NJCUL represents New Jersey credit unions by serving as the liaison and providing a state delegate to the National Youth Involvement Board. The League reports NJ CUs’ financial literacy outreach numbers done through the Reality Fairs program to be counted on the NYIB’s national county of CUs’ outreach.