...Influence Lawmakers, Regulators, and Opinion Leaders

 The League’s Governmental & Political Affairs is your voice, and first line of defense on Capitol Hill, and at the State House. It monitors, develops and advocates for (and against) legislation in Washington and Trenton and provides real-time political advocacy information and insight to NJCUL members to protect and enhance the operating environment of both state and federally chartered credit unions. It develops and maintains strong relationships with the state’s U.S. House and Senate delegations, as well as key state lawmakers ensuring effective credit union involvement in the public policy process.


Lawmaker and Regulator Meetings
NJCUL schedules meetings with state and federal lawmakers so that members can advocate on CU issues and concerns and prepares necessary support materials for participants. We also make available advocacy training to those credit union professionals and volunteers who wish to get involved. Documented credit union responses to changes in federal regulation, as well as state and federal laws is a powerful tool to share with influential parties that can help the credit union cause.

Lawmaker Grassroots Action Center
Gives members a simple and convenient way to participate in grassroots campaigns.

Calls-to-Action, Comment Calls and Letters
Prepares letters to lawmakers on issue of concern to members.

Lawmaker Newsletter
The League highlights key credit union issues in its quarterly lawmaker newsletter, NJ CU Digest, which is sent to law and policy makers in Washington and Trenton. The newsletter also showcases credit unions' community activities, outreach, and philanthropic efforts, spotlighting the credit union difference.

The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) gives members a simple and convenient way to support credit union-friendly candidates for Congress. A federal political action committee or PAC, it is a nationwide partnership of Credit Union National Association (CUNA), state leagues and affiliated credit unions.

Project Zip Code
Enables credit union advocates to illustrate to lawmakers the size of their credit union constituency by counting a credit union's members and matching them by congressional district, state legislative district, and county. This data aids in federal and state advocacy efforts and can also be used for planning on such things as branch location and shared branching. 

NJ Political and Legislative Action Network (PLAN)
Provides opportunities for more active CU advocates to become involved and help shape strategies. Membership is open to interested credit union professionals, volunteers, and members willing to commit to actively support the public policy agenda in grassroots and legislative advocacy activities aligned with the credit union mission.

When a hot button legislative issue arises (for example, a scam that could’ve been easily prevented by League-supported ELT legislation), the League takes to the media through op-eds that it circulates throughout the N.J. press to garner attention to the issue and influence opinion leaders. Published op-ed's are then circulated to key lawmakers and reprinted in lawmaker newsletter.