...Engage Volunteers with Resources and Programs

Today’s credit union volunteers face many responsibilities, and meeting those responsibilities requires a firm grasp on credit union operations and board leadership as well as the credit union movement as a whole. Board Directors specifically hold a fiduciary role to stay abreast of changes in the financial environment and obtain education and knowledge to effectively make decisions on behalf of the credit union. Further, Board Directors have a regulatory duty to obtain and maintain financial education. NJCUL can help with low-cost education, training, and information solutions for volunteers that will fit your credit union’s budget. 


Customized Training
Volunteers, you can meet your fiduciary duty to obtain and maintain financial education with the League’s low cost solution. The League’s customized training programs for board directors and volunteers helps these groups meet the education, training, and financial skills requirements as outlined in NCUA Rule 701.4, general authorities and duties of federal credit union directors, to effectively govern and make decisions on behalf of the credit union, its staff and members.

  • BSA
  • Board duties and responsibilities
  • Supervisory committee duties and responsibilities
  • Supervisory annual audit
  • Advocacy training: provide advocacy training to interested CU professionals

Research and Interpretation of Federal Acts or New/Changed Regulations
An invaluable service provided by the League to help credit union leaders interpret proposed or existing federal regulations, state and federal laws, written as intended, that affect credit union operations. This understanding allow credit unions to evaluate the effect of the regulation/law on the credit union, its operations, staff, members and community; including unintended consequences. CUs are able to respond to issuing agency as appropriate and/or proactively prepare to comply.

Board Election Process
The Federal Credit Union Act requires that credit unions prepare bylaws that address, in part, the election of board directors. The League provides a service to CUs to assist with the understanding and navigation of the recruitment and election process. Partnering with the League is this process will help keep the board focused on its goal to bring in members that add value to the group and credit union.

Strategic Planning
CUs can plan out its strategic vision in an organized forum led by a professional who keeps the process on track. The goal of which is to remain focused on reaching a plan for the credit union’s continued relevancy, ability to sustain and what makes them different in the market space they serve.

Consultative services available to help engage volunteers to give them peace of mind of your credit union’s game plan to achieving its goals. With years of experience in the industry and strategic planning from not only the facilitation stand-point, but also the credit union management standpoint, the NJCUL is able to offer this engagement service.

Advocacy Training
Provide advocacy training to interested CU volunteers so they are well-versed and knowledgable regarding credit union legislative affairs.