Community Investment Fund
Through credit unions’ impact investing, the Community Investment Fund (CIF) has generated millions of dollars to fund and support local and national financial literacy, development and scholarship initiatives. Started in 1999, the CIF was designed to leverage the interdependence of the credit union system for the greater good. It provides credit unions the opportunity to donate a portion of the dividends earned on certain investments to the Foundation and state credit union foundations, including the New Jersey Credit Union Foundation.

CIF Investing is as easy as 1-2-3:

    1. Choose one of the investment options available (e.g. - Certificate of Deposit, Money Market account, or CIF Securities Option).

    1. Talk with one of the Foundation’s CIF partners to open an account:

    1. Sit back and take pride in the fact that your credit union is making a difference in members’ lives by supporting critical financial literacy and development programs provided by your state and national credit union foundations.