Project Zip Code, More Important Than Ever

While there are still some races in last week’s mid-term elections that have yet to be decided, it is clear that an unusually large number of new lawmakers will descend on Capitol Hill when the116th Congress convenes on January 3rd.

Picture1 copy copyIn fact, New Jersey will have four new members of its 12-member House delegation. That amounts a one-third turnover, with three of those four never having held elective office. That’s a sea change for New Jersey the likes of which the state hasn’t seen in a generation or more. 

With the election of these new lawmakers, grassroots support programs such as lawmaker meetings and Project Zip Code become all the more critical. We have scheduled a Hike-the-Hill for December 11 and are issuing a new call for credit unions to update their Project Zip Code numbers.

Project Zip Code is a constituent matching program that matches credit union member numbers with their state and federal lawmakers. As a result, CUNA and the state leagues are able to illustrate to elected officials the number of credit unions members in their district, an extremely powerful advocacy tool.

Project Zip Code is safe and secure and takes just a few minutes to run. No personal data or individual information is ever collected. Project Zip Code receives only the raw counts of records successfully matched, and all data remains confidential and secure. Project Zip Code is compliant under the privacy laws created in Gramm Leach Bliley.

New Jersey credit unions should contact CUNA Engagement Consultant Sterling Nowka at (608)-231-4088 or at, or NJCUL Vice President of Corporate and Governmental Affairs Chris Abeel at (800)-792-8861, ext. 127 or at to start participating in this important program.

Anyone interested in participating in the December 11 Hike-the-Hill should contact Chris Abeel.