Latest Data-breach Impacts 500 Million Over Four Years

Marriott International revealed last week that as many as 500 million customers had personal information including names, addresses, payment card details and passport numbers compromised in a data breach going as far back as 2014.

According to its press advisory, the company was informed in September of a breach that impacted its Starwood guest reservation database. On Nov. 19, the company determined there had been unauthorized access to the data going back to at least 2014.

CUNA and the state leagues have been pressing Congress to enact legislation to subject retailers to the same data security standards required of credit unions and other card issuers under Graham-Leach-Bliley and hold them financially accountable for any breaches on their part. 

Credit union professionals, volunteers and members are encouraged to use the Take Action page of CUNA’s Stop the Data Breaches Web site to urge their representatives in Congress to pass comprehensive data security standards for all retail merchants.