Assembly Republican Leader Faces Potential Primary Challenge for His 'Rally the Reasonable' Campaign, MAGA Group Puts GOP Lawmakers on Notice

Grassroots supporters of Donald Trump want to send state Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) a message that bashing the president won’t fly by recruiting a challenger against the nine-term incumbent in the June Republican primary.

Bramnick has been promoting his Rally the Reasonable campaign across the state.

“We will primary any Republican who doesn’t represent a Republican platform or bashes the president,” said Joseph Rudy Rullo, the founder of New Jersey MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans.  “I would love to unite conservatives with GOP state chairman Doug Steinhardt to remove Bramnick.”

One of President Trump’s top political allies in the state, Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers, said in November that when Republicans like Bramnick bash Trump they hurt the GOP brand.

While Trump’s statewide approvals are upside-down (42%-55%), among Republicans he has a job approval rating of 92%-5%.

Bramnick has not faced a primary challenge since 2009.