CULAC Raised Record-breaking $5.3M for 2017-18 Election Cycle

The Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), the CUNA-League system’s federal political action committee (PAC), raised a record-breaking $5.3 million for the 2017-18 election cycle, CUNA announced Monday. That places CULAC among the top trade association PACs nationally.

Over 35,000 CULAC donors gave less than $78 per year, or $1.50 per week, which is strong testament to credit unions’ grassroots strength.

“Of course, the true measure of success of our PAC isn’t the money we raise, but what we do with it, and we were very pleased that we had a tremendously successful election in the 2018 cycle with more than 350 credit union candidates receiving CULAC backing that were elected to the 116th Congress,” said Trey Hawkins, CUNA’s deputy chief advocacy officer for political action.

CULAC remains among the most bipartisan national PACs, with support going almost equally to credit union-friendly candidates from both Republican and Democratic parties.