NJ Bans Cashless Stores

Governor Phil Murphy (D) Monday signed into law legislation (A591, now P.L.2019, c.50) to prohibit discrimination against cash-paying customers.

The prohibition is applicable to any retail transaction conducted in-person, and excludes telephone, mail, or Internet-based transactions. Certain businesses, such as parking facilities, car rental agencies and airport vendors are exempt. The new law takes effect immediately and would punish businesses that violate it with a fine of up to $2,500 for the first offense.

According to the bill’s sponsor, Asm. Paul Moriarty (D-4), “Many people don’t have access to consumer credit and any effort by retail establishments to ban the use of cash is discriminatory towards those people.” “The U.S. dollar is legal tender and should be accepted at any retail establishment in New Jersey,” he added.

Moriarty chairs the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee.