CUNA Engaged with Robocall, Privacy, Payday, Diversity Hearings

With Congress back in Washington, D.C. after a two-week recess, CUNA is engaged with several hearings, including ones addressing financial regulator supervision, robocalls, diversity and inclusion, payday lending and data privacy, among others.

This week the House will also consider two resolutions of note to credit unions, one (H. Res. 327) would encourage “greater public-private sector collaboration to promote financial literacy for students and young adults,” and the second (H. Res. 328) would support “protection of elders through financial literacy.”

Hearings CUNA is engaged with this week include:

  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): House Financial Services Committee hearing, “Housing in America: Assessing the Infrastructure Needs of America’s Housing Stock;”
  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): Senate Banking Committee hearing, "Guidance, Supervisory Expectations, and the Rule of Law: How do the Banking Agencies Regulate and Supervise Institutions?"
  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): House Energy and Commerce sub-committee on communications and technology hearing, "Legislating to Stop the Onslaught of Annoying Robocalls;"
  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): House Oversight and Reform Committee hearing, “The Financial Condition of the Postal Service;”
  • Tuesday (2 p.m.): House Financial Services sub-committee on consumer protection and financial institutions hearing, “Ending Debt Traps in the Payday and Small Dollar Credit Industry;”
  • Tuesday (2:30 p.m.): Senate Appropriations sub-committee on state, foreign operations and related programs hearing, “Review of the FY2020 Budget Request for the United States Agency for International Development;”
  • Wednesday (10 a.m.): House Financial Services sub-committee on oversight and investigations hearing, “Examining Discrimination in the Automobile Loan and Insurance Industries;”
  • Wednesday (10 a.m.): Senate Commerce Committee hearing, "Consumer Perspectives: Policy Principles for a Federal Data Privacy Framework;" and
  • Wednesday (2 p.m.): House Financial Services sub-committee on diversity and inclusion hearing, “Good for the Bottom Line: A Review of the Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion.”