Substantial Data Security Legislation Needed for America’s Consumers

Taking a narrow view of data privacy and security aimed at specific companies would be a “grave mistake,” CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle wrote to Senate Commerce Committee leadership Wednesday. The letter follows an email communication sent Tuesday by CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan to Senate Commerce Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee staff on the importance of strong data security legislation.

“Legislation with substantial security requirements is a priority for America’s consumers who are under attack, and current federal law leaves the door open for criminals, terrorist organizations and foreign governments to steal payment and other personally identifiable information to the benefit of their illicit activity,” Nussle wrote. “CUNA believes that Congress cannot provide consumers with data privacy without addressing data security.”

The letter notes that discussion of data security requirements as been “virtually non-existent” as the debate over federal data privacy standards has developed.

CUNA called on Congress to:

  • Treat data privacy as a national security issue;
  • Fix the weak links in the system; and
  • Set a strong federal data standard that preempts state laws.