FCC automatic robocall blocking could hamper CU-member communications

CUNA is concerned about proposed action from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that would block robocalls by default, believing it could result in serious disruptions to vital credit union-member communications. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said Wednesday that the commission will vote June 6 on a declaratory ruling that would allow phone carriers to block suspected robocalls unless consumers affirmatively opt-out.

“This action from is concerning on a number of levels, most of all because it could lead to credit unions being unable to contact members with critical information. It could even lead to member service issues if the member is doing business with a credit union, but the credit union is unable to contact them,” said CUNA Chief Advocacy Officer Ryan Donovan. “CUNA supports efforts to combat unwanted robocalls, this action seems to be overly broad and in conflict with guidance from financial regulators, who have called on institutions to use modern means of communication to ensure consumers are up-to-date with important financial information.”

CUNA has strongly urged the FCC to modernize the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for similar reasons. A July 2015 ruling fails to take into account the increasing number of consumers who solely use mobile phones, and CUNA believes it could jeopardize the ability of credit unions to contact members with important information.