CUNA Engaged in Robocall, Facebook Currency Hearings this Week

CUNA will be engaged with several Congressional hearings this week, including on robocalls and Facebook’s proposed digital currency. Both the House Financial Services Committee and Senate Banking Committee will conduct hearings on the proposed cybercurrency, called Libra.

The House is also expected to consider several measures and pieces of legislation, while the Senate is expected to continue voting on judicial nominations and legislation for the 9/11 first responders fund.

Hearings CUNA will be engaged with this week include:

  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): Senate Banking Committee hearing, “Examining Facebook’s Proposed Digital Currency and Data Privacy Considerations;”
  • Tuesday (10 a.m.): House Financial Services Committee markup of various legislation;
  • Wednesday (9:30 a.m.): Senate Banking subcommittee on economic policy hearing, “Economic Mobility: Is the American Dream in Crisis?”
  • Wednesday (9:30 a.m.): Senate Special Committee on Aging hearing, “Combatting Robocall Fraud: Using Telecom Advances and Law Enforcement to Stop Scammers and Protect Seniors;” and
  • Wednesday (10 a.m.): House Financial Services Committee hearing, “Examining Facebook’s Proposed Cryptocurrency and its Impact on Consumers, Investors and the American Financial System.”