‘Stop the Data Breaches’ MAP Campaign Launched

CUNA launched its latest Member Activation Program (MAP) campaign Thursday, calling on credit unions to make Congress aware that there cannot be data privacy without data security.

CUNA will host a free webinar on the campaign August 23 at 11 a.m.

“Credit unions already know that they bear the costs of these data breaches, so the goal of the campaign is to educate credit unions members about the issue in order to have them reach out to their Members of Congress to demand action,” said Adam Engelman, CUNA’s director of federal grassroots and programs. “Congress has indicated they are aware of the privacy issue, our mission is to get them to realize we cannot have privacy without security, and we need a data security standard for all entities that handle sensitive consumer information.”


MAP is a program designed to get credit union members involved in advocacy through customizable content that can be merged with a credit union’s current marketing and communications efforts to reach members. Campaign resources include long- and short-form email templates.

The campaign also includes updates to CUNA’s StopTheDataBreaches.com website, which features updated information on data breaches in the U.S., information on preparing and protecting against data breaches, and a link for credit unions members to take action by directly contacting their legislators through e-mail or social media. 

Additional information on MAP can be found on CUNA’s MAP homepage and CUNA’s MAP Community.