Will Seth Grossman Pursue a Rematch in CD2?

With a few of the state’s 2020 congressional races beginning to take some shape, many have their eye on the outspoken and controversial Seth Grossman wondering whether the 2018 Republican nominee in the 2nd Congressional District will pursue the party’s 2020 nomination to challenge Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s (D-2) bid for a second term. 

“It’s too soon to say,” Grossman told political commentator Matt Rooney earlier this week when asked if he was getting in the quickly-filling primary field.

Grossman scored a surprise win in a split GOP primary field last time around. But the state and national parties abandoned him during the general election when a controversial retweet surfaced.

An outspoken Trump supporter and self-professed Make America Great Again or “MAGA candidate,” Grossman lost 52%-46% to a popular and moderate Democratic state senator.

Grossman’s entry would make it a four-way race for the Republican nomination.