Project Zip Code, Have Your Members Been Counted?

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a program that matches raw credit union membership data with state and federal lawmaker districts.

 PZC enables credit union advocates to illustrate to lawmakers the number of credit unions members in their district. The ability to show a lawmaker how many thousands of credit union constituents they have is an extremely powerful advocacy tool.

No personal data or individual information is ever collected or leaves the credit union. PZC receives only the number of members in a district, and all data remains secure. PZC is compliant to with all state and federal privacy laws and regulations.

Currently 99 million credit union members have been matched to their federal and state legislative districts.

Project Zip Code version 19.0 is now available for download at An updated User Manual is available as well.

Credit unions are encouraged to participate in PZC and update their numbers annually.