Montclair University Professor and Political Pundit Mulls Van Drew Challenge

Montclair State University professor and New Jersey political commentator Brigid Harrison said she is considering a primary challenge to freshman Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-2), a strong credit union supporter since his election to Congress and while serving in the state Legislature beforehand.

A moderate in an otherwise Republican-district who prides himself in working across the aisle, Van Drew angered some Democrats in his district and across the state when he voted against launching the presidential impeachment inquiry.

Harrison, who commutes to Montclair from the state’s southern-most congressional district, said she is taking a hard look at a possible run for the Democratic nomination in next June’s primary election.

“It’s an interesting question,” she’s quoted in InsiderNJ. “There are people who have asked me to run, whose opinions matter to me.

“It’s something I have to think about,” she added.

In a November 24 op-ed, Harrison wrote the following about Congressman Van Drew’s vote:

“His vote on impeachment proceedings will negatively affect his ability to effectively represent our district. That’s because there are 20 representatives who, like Van Drew, hail from districts that voted for Obama in 2012 and Trump in 2016. But nearly every one of them decided that the vote on impeachment was worth risking their political careers.”

Van Drew was one of only two Democrats to vote against the impeachment inquiry.