CU Reality Check Coverage: How Generosity and Collaboration Leads to Success with Wharton’s Reb Rebele

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. – How can you be productively generous? This was a new concept for many attending the 2018 CU Reality Check conference. Wharton Researcher and Professor Reb Rebele introduced how to be generous while also being successful—and not depleting yourself of time and energy entirely.

Wharton Researcher and Professor Reb Rebele discusses productive generosity.

Rebele described three categories of people—givers, matchers, and takers—and how some rise to the top while others fall to the bottom. He then explained why givers rise to the top in many workplaces and industries.

But he also warned attendees of collaborative overload and generosity burnout. Using teachers as an example, he explained how some are stretched too thin, giving too much of themselves because it’s rewarding, though it’s not necessarily productive and effective. The student lose out. 

“For our workplaces to thrive,” he said, “we need to figure out how to work together without sacrificing individual work.”

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