CU Reality Check Coverage: Ronaldo Hardy Explains Why We Need to Invest in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. – "We are in a modern day civil rights movement," said Human Resources expert and CEO of Southwest Louisiana Credit Union Ronaldo Hardy Tuesday morning, as he asked attendees how they rate their culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

CEO of Southwest Louisiana CU Ronaldo Hardy motivates attendees to build a culture of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

"Whose responsibility is it to ensure this culture? Everyone," said Hardy. "It doesn’t just come from the top. It comes from everywhere in the culture."

Diving into diversity and inclusion, Hardy pointed out that diversity is not just limited to gender and race. Diversity also includes age, life experiences, work experience, physical abilities and disabilities, religions and spirituality, communication styles, and much more.

"Diversity in the workplace is the first step, but it’s only representation," said Hardy. "Inclusion is the next step. It brings it further into participation and engagement."

The benefits of an inclusive workplace abound: improved problem solving, increased organizational flexibility, more innovation, higher employee morale, and more.

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