Schedule Finalized For State Grant-Funded Rutgers ‘Becoming A Better Manager’ Training Last Chance to Participate

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – The New Jersey Credit Union League (NJCUL) is finalizing the schedule for the first track of the State-funded management training – Becoming a Better Manager. Six credit union locations throughout New Jersey (including the League office) will serve as hosts for four courses delivered in two eight-hour days...

Day One:

Developing Leadership Capabilities 
This program is designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge managers require to effectively lead a team in a credit union. Topics include defining a good leader, establishing the difference between a manager and a leader, and skills and qualities required of a leader, such as decision making, communication, problem solving, and more. 

Critical Thinking
One important aspect of building successful work teams is the ability to use critical-thinking skills to solve workplace issues. This course will closely examine critical thinking and its importance to career success. It will also cover several cognitive biases that can prevent managers from thinking clearly. A step-by-step process to solving problems will also be discussed.

Day Two:

Project Management
This workshop is designed to help organizational leaders understand and lead projects more effectively. The course begins by defining projects and examining the key components of projects. Participants will also learn the phases of a project, necessary steps for planning a project, and practical skills for executing and closing out a project. Learners will use a series of examples to understand each portion of the course.

Managing Difficult Situations 
This class teaches staff how to respond effectively and sensitively to resistance, charged emotions, and challenging behaviors with clients, customers, and co-workers. When staff can effectively respond to challenging situations, they are better equipped to provide the highest quality customer service. Employees are more satisfied when they have the skills and tools to respond effectively to difficult situations.

We do still have limited slots available, so if you are a League member and are not yet taking advantage of this new free benefit, please contact the VP of Member Experience & Education, Barbara Agin at