Three Young and Seasoned CU Professionals Bridge the Generation Gap During Second Annual YP Panel Discussion

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Young credit union professionals, including members of the League’s Young Professionals Committee, held their second annual Convention roundtable Sunday afternoon. A panel of three young professionals and a panel of seasoned professionals discussed finding success and building a lasting career in the industry.

Marci Brozey, loan administrator for Research 1166 FCU, and Richard Stubbs, accounting manager at Atlantic FCU; sat on the Young Professionals panel. Joining the discussion from the seasoned professionals side was Ida Bowen, president/CEO of Deepwater Industries FCU; Glenn Guinto, president/CEO of Greater Alliance FCU; and Mark Malinwoski, vice president of accounting of Raritan Bay FCU.

Major themes of the discussion that surfaced were establishing a culture, building loyalty, and mentoring vs. training.

The seasoned professionals had a plethora of advice for the younger generation.

Guinto drove home the importance of having passion for what you do. You can’t look at it as just climbing the ladder, “you have to love what you do,” he said.

Bowen shed light on her own personal story of starting a job at an organization that had antiquated technology which she found difficult to work with, drawing similarities between her experience and a common occurrence among millennials entering the workforce. Bowen explained that she made due with what was available and created her own opportunities where she saw a need.

Turning the focus on the YPs at the session, Malinowski asked about discussions the frontline would have regarding the organization as a whole. Stubbs mentioned that sometimes there is a disconnect felt between what the frontline does on a daily basis and the credit union’s mission as a whole. All agreed that better and more frequent communication can help bridge this gap.
New Jersey Credit Union League Vice President of Marketing and Communications Vice President, Marissa Anema, and Your Marketing Company President/CEO, Bo McDonald, facilitated the panel discussions.