CUCollaborate and EverSafe Lead Solutions Theater Sessions in Sold-Out Exhibit Hall

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Two Solutions Theater sessions were held in the Convention Exhibit Hall Monday morning. Credit union leaders learned about a new field of membership expansion tool from CUCollaborate that is available to NJCUL member credit unions and technology available from EverSafe that allows CUs to protect their members’ personal and financial information in the age of cyber attacks.

The first Solutions Theater was hosted by CUCollaborate. Founder and CEO, Sam Brownell, spoke on the field of membership expansion tool and how credit unions can use this tool to uncover growth opportunities. By impacting collaboration within the industry, this free, new NJCUL member benefit provides credit unions the opportunity to further membership growth.

The second Solutions Theater session was led by EverSafe, a technology company that helps protect members and their families against fraud, scams, and identity theft. In the wake of recent data breaches, EverSafe is the tool that provides the ultimate protection against these threats and outlines what people can do to protect their information from being stolen.


Co-founder and General Counsel for EverSafe, Liz Loewy, explained how with EverSafe, credit unions can offer this technology to their members, who then be able monitor their identity, financial accounts, and credit cards, and then scan the Web for illicit use of personal information. Alerts will be sent to members and designated contacts so suspicious activity will not be missed.