Convention Coverage: Plexcity and Revolutionizing Associations with Shared Services

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The President of Plexcity, Tony Kitt, joined the League at their 83rd Annual Convention and Meeting to talk about the benefits to oursourcing as a method to control costs and to allow your focus to be on your members.

Kitt discussed shared services, collaboration and potential opportunities. He described shared services as a way to “make use of technology, human capital, time and other corporate resources to improve internal services and enhance the bottom-line.”

Shared Services can help make professional associations work better. It is important to focus on the future. Kitt went over strategies that can help with that focus, which include:

  1. Increasing value through deep focus on core strategies and business offerings
  2. Improving efficiencies by lowering costs and creating scale
  3. Reducing key person risk, and raise the common denominator

According to Kitt, it’s important to enhance engagement, improve financial conditions of the association, system leadership and collaboration, and key metrics and reporting.

Kitt brings Plexcity to the forefront of his discussion describing how Shared Services have helped his association rise up.

Some highlights of what Plexcity has done that Tony Kitt listed include:

  • Standardized, Integrated, and Automated Many Processes
  • Fired Up Culture Shift …“Internal Dept.” to Service Bureau
  • Completed Build out of IT Infrastructure, including AMS
  • Remodeled Client On-Boarding & Pricing
  • Moved to a Single CPA Contract for Audit/Review and Tax Prep
  • Moved to a Single Event Management and Mobile App (Cvent)
  • Improved Employee Benefit Pricing through a Health Trust
  • Created a “Best in Class” Feedback Loop
  • Exceeded Financial Expectations

Edward’s presentation, as well as other speaker presentations, is available for download the NJ CU Convention Web site.