Convention Coverage: Building a More Corporate Social Media Strategy in the Mortgage Industry with Ben Smidt

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Digital Marketing Manager of MGIC, Ben Smidt, spoke to Convention-goers about the effectiveness of social media and the way to best use social media to address regulatory compliance and creating a road map for employees to maximize social media efforts on Tuesday morning. In this breakout session, Smidt provided insights for crafting an effective social media strategy, content that will further brand reach and engagement, the importance with reputation management, and how to mitigate risk and minimize the impact of negative feedback.

He provided his listeners with insight into how they can build a social media presence to engage and reach members. Four keywords he touched upon included audience, policy, strategy and maintenance.

Social media is a tool to help brands build themselves and relationships with a target audience. Digital platforms are one of the most important marketing tools because of the level of engagement and access consumers have to it.

Millenials will go to what they can trust and has an authentic look that interests them. Social media influences them heavily.

Ben Smidt went over different social media platforms that drives the most traffic and described how they get their direct channel and market it well. It’s crucial for a brand to understand their online audience and what’s important to them. It’s important to analyze an audience and their behavior. One key source that many brands use to do this is Google Analytics. Smidt made a key point in making employees key advocates of the brand they work for, which will also help with marketing a brand and bringing in a larger audience. To be successful on social media, you should drive to be a H.E.R.O., which stands for being helpful, educational, responsive and original.

Social media is always changing so it’s important to understand your audience, offer something of value and help customers be more informed.

Edward’s presentation, as well as other speaker presentations, is available for download the NJ CU Convention Web site.