CU Professionals Receive Free HR Management Training at Credit Union of New Jersey Through Second Round Of League’s Rutgers Training Grant

EWING, N.J. – Credit union professionals gathered at Credit Union of New Jersey this week for free HR management development training. This two-day “Supervisory Symposium” training is available to NJCUL member credit unions through a partnership with Rutgers University, underwritten by an $89,000 educational grant from the State of New Jersey secured by the League earlier this year.

The two-day Supervisory Symposium training includes four areas:

Turning Around Difficult Performance Issues/Difficult Conversations: This course will help managers and supervisors effectively address difficult employee performance problems. The program will define the different types of performance issues, identify common causes of performance issues, and suggest options for addressing issues. A step-by-step walkthrough of the performance coaching process will also be presented.

Employee Engagement: Employee engagement, the extent to which employees enjoy, believe in, and feel valued for what they do, is a top indicator of organizational success. This program will teach managers and supervisors how to improve employee engagement in their organization. The course will focus on 11 essential practices for increasing employee engagement, such as control, confidence, and communication.

Powerful Presentations/Presenting with Pizazz: This program will help employees develop their presentation skills and learn how to present ideas with conviction, control, and poise. Participants will learn to use both verbal and nonverbal messages, practice nonverbal impact skills, reduce nervousness, engage the attention of the listeners, and make their content clearer and more memorable. Effective presentation skills are needed to sell products, services, and ideas.

Coaching and Motivation: This course presents the learner with the skills needed to motivate individuals. It explores motivational principles, various motivators that employees respond to, and identifies barriers that need to be addressed for continued success and growth of employees. The course also covers coaching skills and techniques necessary to motivate groups toward success. The concept of positive growth and transition for all work environments is emphasized.

Additional photos are available on the League’s Facebook Page.