Cybersecurity Workshop Exceeds Expectations

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – Last Thursday’s Cybersecurity Workshop sponsored by Vizo Financial featured speakers from one of their CUSOs – The Sollievo Group – and delivered relevant content that resonated with the group.

Staci Wright kicked things off with an overview of the current identity theft climate, sharing recent scams and methods; some known, some not. Many of the statistics she shared were eye opening, including the fact that 15.4 million consumers have experienced identity fraud! Wright said to treat your identity as an asset and proceeded to provide tips to protect personal and financial information.

She was followed by John Cuneo who drilled down on information security, from the basics of what it is (confidentiality, integrity, availability) and what it is not (assessment tools, equipment, stagnancy, compliance). He covered in-depth the process of performing a risk assessment and all that is involved. Cuneo covered policies, patching, testing (vulnerability and penetration) as well as awareness training and documentation.

Mark Clarke took the group through an interactive tabletop exercise where attendees in three groups went through a disaster experience. The room was a buzz of energy during the activity and Clarke was impressed with each group’s discussions and outcomes.

Tim Segerson, Deputy Director of the Office of Examination and Insurance with NCUA, then reviewed risks and the impact on credit unions. Segerson discussed the elements of a structured risk management program and also discussed the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT).

Wright provided an overview of Vizo Financial, our conference sponsor.

The final speaker was Belinda Mumma who provided a detailed explanation of Vender Due Diligence. She shared the whys and stressed the importance of knowing your vendor – from ranking (critical, high risk, moderate, low) to how to perform a due diligence review.

The information presented was solid and much appreciated by all attendees. Thank you to Vizo Financial, The Sollievo Group, and the NCUA.