Collections Workshop Engages and Informs

The New Jersey Credit Union League (NJCUL) held a Collections Workshop live at the League Office and via Zoom on June 12, 2018.

Speaker and attorney, Eric North, delivered a ton of information on topics such as repossessions, Military Lending Act (persons protected, lending requirements and restrictions, penalties and more), 1099C Filings, Offsetting and Enforcing Liens on Deposits and Bankruptcy. In addition to the information North covered, the event had two sponsors who shared the ins and outs of their services and answered attendee questions.

The sponsors were Al Mucci from Account Control Systems and Bob Deter from Crown Asset Management.

Collection is never boring and it was a lot of information to cover in a day. Eric offered two webinars to the attendees on two topic areas that he was not able to cover in the allotted time.

Thank you to Eric North, Al Mucci, Bob Deter and the workshop attendees.