NJCUL Hosts CEO Roundtable: Collaborations and Educated Decisions

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – On October 10th, 14 New Jersey credit union CEOs participated in a virtual CEO Roundtable hosted at the New Jersey Credit Union League office. The meeting was sponsored by One Digital Healthcare and Benefits. Dale Keener highlighted the company's solutions.

John Dearing CEO RT for DE

John Dearing from Capstone Strategies was a speaker/sponsor and provided a wealth of information in this thought provoking session. Dearing shared his passion for growth and set the stage by stating how he councils leaders in the industry on a process to help share perspective and best practices. He stated that leaders need to have passion in order to not just survive but thrive. He provided an overview of the market and opportunities, the concept of "buy versus build," and reviewed an opportunity matrix tool. The talk continued to detail templates and processes used to assist companies exploring growth opportunities.

At the conclusion, Dearing highlighted Capstone's vast experience with collaborations and partnerships and the benefits of working with Capstone Strategies. NJCUL President David Frankil addressed the attendees, thanking them for participating, and explained that this is just the first part of what the League will be rolling on as range of CEO/C-level content. He asked that CEOs email him or Barbara Agin to share topics and types of they would like to see offered.