Renowned Expert on NJ Politics Gives His Take on the Upcoming Mid-term Elections

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. –  Professor Benjamin Dworkin, PhD, founder and head of Rowan University’s Institute for Public Policy & Citizenship gave his take on what we might expect in the upcoming mid-term elections during a Monday break-out session at the NJ Credit Union League’s 84th Annual Meeting and Convention.


Today, five of New Jersey’s 12 members in the House of Representatives are Republican. In no normal year would four of those five seats be up for grabs – but that is what is happening in 2018, Dworkin opined, attributing it what he terms “the Trump Effect.” Given that Democrats need 24 seats to flip control of Congress, our state has been thrust into the middle of a national vortex heading into the November midterm elections. 

One key to the results will be the lack of enthusiasm by Republican voters. If more than a few of them stay home, as we saw in last year’s gubernatorial election, it will magnify the power of the anticipated Democratic voting surge, Dr. Dworkin said.

The implications of the midterms will shape state politics as well, as any significant Democratic victory will be seen as support for the progressive agenda being pursued by Governor Murphy and the Democratic-controlled legislature.

Even though they share legislative priorities, Trenton Democrats continue to argue. Some of these fights stem from ego and ambition, others are a result of Murphy mistakes during the campaign that sowed divisions between the legislators running at the same time. Given that Murphy won by 14 points, it is surprising how many in Trenton don’t think the governor had any coattails, and thus, they don’t believe they owe him anything.

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