Uncommn’s Marne Franklin Answers the Three Biggest Web Site Questions for 2019

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – Uncommn’s Marne Franklin went over what the three biggest Web site questions are in her Tuesday morning session with Convention attendees.

Marne Franklin

Before Franklin got into what those questions are, she first went over the biggest things we’ve seen in 2018. She discussed mobile-first design and discussed the ADA demand letters and lawsuits from earlier this year. If anyone needs any help, she said, reach out to the League for advice.

Franklin also went over what attendees can expect to see in the new year with Web sites. She discussed what online platforms can do to better their security measures to be more secure and how having a live chat feature on the site can help increase customer interest because any questions they have can be answered immediately.

The three biggest questions for 2019 Franklin discussed were:

  1. But we don’t have online applications or take payments online, do we still need it? (In regards to security and enabling ‘HTTPS’ for your Web site and the answer is yes!)
  2. I understand it on mobile, but is that really a good idea on a desktop? (yes and No)
  3. When I go to a lot of sites, I get a popup to “chat with a representative”. Do people really like that? (Yes)
  4. Isn’t building a site a year-long process that’s going to cost tens of thousands of dollars? (No)

When it came to the discussion of whether or not consumers like chatting with a representative, Franklin explained that statistically 63% of users say they’re likely to return to a site that offers live chat help and 92% of users say they’ve had a positive experience via live chat, which is more than phone, email, Facebook or Twitter.

When she answered the question in regards to building a Web site, she explained that you can build a site that is custom to your needs, responsive, mobile-friendly, integrated, and ADA-complaint in six months or less for under $20,000.

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