CU Reality Check Coverage: Dr. Troy Hall Outlines an Effective Success Model to Grow from Apprentice to Expert

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -  A world traveler that inspires and teaches others how to create cultures of cohesion to retain talent, Dr. Troy Hall’s mission is to advise executives on how to build a Cohesion Culture™ with the intent of retaining top talent. During his Tuesday afternoon Reality Check presentation titled “From Apprentice to Expert – The Success Model that Works​,” Dr. Troy broke down the elements of influence thinking, building behaviors, and the art of cohesion and collaboration.

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Retaining your key talent is a daily battle. You need an engagement culture, said Dr. Troy; 87% of engaged talent are less likely to leave your organization. To cultivate engagement, you must cultivate cohesion. How do you do that? Create a sense of belonging, a sense of value and purpose, and commitment.

Dr. Troy encouraged the leaders in the room to perform a cultural inspection to gauge whether their team is engaged. Pay attention to their greetings (how they greet you, each other, customers, etc.), laughter (are team members having fun do they feel comfortable), and give away some handshakes (and maybe a hug or two) to connect with congratulate team members.

Developing, engaging, and retaining a new employee is just as important as having a succession plan for a leader, Dr. Troy stressed.

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