CU Reality Check Coverage: Dave Crenshaw, the MythBuster of Multitasking​, Reveals Time We Could Be Using More Wisely and the Lies We Tell Ourselves About Being ‘Busy’
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - If you had an extra 40 hours per month, what would do with that time? That time is right under our noses, according to best-selling author and entrepreneur Dave Crenshaw who took to the Reality Check stage as the last speaker to break down the myths of multitasking.  


“Multitasking is worse than a lie,” Crenshaw said, explaining that our brains and bodies are not built to multitask. Even when we think are doing it successfully, we’re not doing it at all. And we could be fooling ourselves into thinking that we’re being more productive than we actually are. 
Crenshaw then transitioned from being “mythbuster” to “switchbuster,” providing strategies to focus and become less distracted and more productive, including silencing technology, distinguishing between checking emails and processing them, and more small but significant tips and tricks. 
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