Financial Reality Fair Held at Woodstown High School

Members 1st of NJ FCU with assistance from ABCO FCU, Bay Atlantic FCU, Campbell FCU, Deepwater FCU, and Jersey Shore FCU, held a Financial Reality Fair for 129 students at Woodstown High School on December 5. The students made their way through the Fair booths, each representing a line item in their budget, and made decisions about where they would live, wha thty would use for transportation and how they would manage each portion of their budget. Students were instructed to make their decisions as if they had completed their education or training and were starting off on their own with an entry level job in the career of their choice. Having the opportunity to work through these important decisions in this simulated and safe environment, allowed the students to make and correct budgeting mistakes without real-life implications. Credit unions hold the Fairs to better prepare students as they are faced with making these decisions in a few short years. "It's enjoyable to watch the students think about their choices when visiting the booths -- which is the point, to think and relaize that your choices generate your results when it comes to your finances," said Marya Cabatingan, Marketing Specialist/Business Development at Members 1st of NJ FCU. 

If you are interested in learning more about Financial Reality Fairs, please contact Kathleen Fey at 800-932-0661, ext. 2244.

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