Dr. Randy Thompson Facilitates Hands-On Full-Day Session on Risk Based Lending and Managing Loan Portfolios

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – On Wednesday, TCT Risk Solutions CEO Randy Thompson discussed key lending regulations and practices, and demonstrated credit migration and risk based loan pricing tools at a full-day session held at the New Jersey Credit Union League office.

Dr. Randy Thompson answers attendees' questions.

At the conclusion of the training session, Thompson took a poll asking his audience what had been learned at Wednesday’s session.

Some of the attendee responses included:

  • “Risk based lending requires a complete and accurate measure of costs. Otherwise we cannot assure the profitability of loans”
  • “The value of including multiple member profiles in our lending criteria. I have been operating in a box in underwriting and this will greatly enhance my ability to make loans”
  • “The importance of credit migration and regular soft pulls on all my loans”
  • “The value of using effective tools to manage my loan operations and loan portfolio”

This session is being held again today at Bridgeton Onized FCU in Vineland, N.J.