TurboTax Program Great Discounts for Your Members Market Now

Tax season is here and the Love My Credit Union TurboTax program is in full swing. Many of your members will be starting their taxes soon. Early marketing and at key times during the tax season is essential to build member awareness about the TurboTax discount. Don't let your members miss out, there is no reason for your members to go anywhere else!

Below we have provided tips on the most effective ways to communicate the TurboTax discount to your members:

Marketing Best Practices

  • Post TurboTax banners on your Web site home page
    • Prominent placement, above the fold will get the discount noticed
    • Place January through April
  • Post TurboTax banners on your online banking site
    • Recommended location is log in screen, log off screen, or account summary page
    • Place January through April
  • Send dedicated TurboTax emails to your members
    • Build awareness of the discount and build member loyalty
    • Best email send date is February 2nd
  • Promote the TurboTax discount in your newsletter
  • Additional marketing
    • Post TurboTax posters and take-ones in your branches
    • Use social media to keep members in the know about the TurboTax discount
    • Send additional emails on Jan 26th, Feb 9th, and Apr 6th
    • Include TurboTax messaging on 1099/1098 forms

The Love My Credit Union rewards provides FREE marketing materials to all credit unions to assist you in communicating the TurboTax discounts to your members. The marketing materials are available in the Partner Center at lovemycreditunion.org.