CU PolicyPro Users: NEW Policy Manual Updates!

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. – The New Jersey Credit Union League, in cooperation with CU Solutions Group, is pleased to announce the first content update for 2017 for the CU PolicyPro Operations Manual - Update Version 2017.1.

This update includes fourteen policy updates.  A full listing of the updated policies can be found in the "Update Overview" document. 

The tracked changes version of each update can be found in the Resources Area of CU PolicyPro (under the “Updates” tab). There is also a full word version of the new policy that mirrors the content found in the online Model Policies Manual. It is important to note that when updates are made to the Model Policies Manual, these updates do not automatically go into your CU Policies Manual. We do not want to take the chance of overwriting your content, or putting in content that may not apply to your credit union. 

For more information on the next steps necessary to incorporate the updates into your own policies, please visit the CU PolicyPro Support Web site. If you have any questions, please contact the CU PolicyPro support team at

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