New Jersey Credit Union League’s Branch Transformation Workshop Hits on Member Experience and Member Journey

Presenters: Sundeep Kapur, Digital Credence, & Brock Danner, Design Made

The overall focus of the League’s Branch Transformation Workshop held on Tuesday was on transforming member experiences – physical and virtual. One key aspect to remember is how physical renovation is not necessary for the transformation of a branch office. While the branch’s physical layout is important, the member service processes, technology, and culture all play significant roles in creating an ideal member/consumer experience.

Sundeep Kapur discussing the member journey at a branch.

The first half of the workshop focused on creating omni-channel experiences and helping members with their financial journeys – purchasing a home, a vehicle, etc. The second half focused on designing a branch using five key elements – transactional data, member journeys, service zones, technology, and training. The workshop concluded with the review of member/consumer user map.

A financial institution should never rebuild, decorate, or invest in branch technology without first analysing the purpose.

Brock Danner from Design Made breaks out the blue prints and discusses branch design.

The top three lessons from this event are:

  1. Focus on the five key elements drive branch design –
    • Transactional Data: What is the credit union solving for?
    • Member Journeys: What can the member do at the branch and outside the branch?
    • Service Zones: Vault, Teller Line, Office, Signage, Self-Service, Lobby, & Decompression Zone (the doormat). Design zones for 5 minute, 10 minute, and longer transactions.
    • Technology: Can the credit union use technology to attract members? Can they use technology to assist members? Can their members now carry the lessons home?
    • Training: For employees, consumers, and members.
  2. Create an environment that is conducive to banking
    • Is the consumer/member comfortable?
    • Can the credit union help reduce consumer/member anxiety? (versus the feeling of being at a car dealership)
    • Does the consumer/member feel in control so they can interact freely?
  3. Focus on Consumer Journeys
    • How well can the credit union execute these journeys in the branch and across channel?
    • The credit union should strive to create connected experiences.
    • Measure the impact and keep improving the consumer/member experience.

This article was co-authored by Carla Corkern, Chief Digital Officer at La Capitol Federal Credit Union and Sundeep Kapur of Digital Credence. La Capitol Federal Credit Union is a $500 million credit union headquartered in Baton Rouge Louisiana.